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The Scoop on Björk:


Björk has released 2 new videos names "Live at Sheperd's Bush" and "Volumen." The first is a live concert tape and "Volumen" is all of her music videos except for the newly released "Alarm Call" from Homogenic. It even has the music video from Play Dead!


  • No new news on the Dancer In The Dark film, but soon maybe.

  • Björk is to come out with a box set for both Hunter and Alarm Call... both will include all the singles and the music video (both available at the TeePee and other online stores.)
  • The site was re-opened today... YEAH!

  • 10/13/98

    Björk releases her new Debut remix album. I wonder what it sounds like? It has to be good sense it is Björk.


    Björk is rumored to compose music for and possibly star in Lars Von Trier's next piece. Rumors were confirmed but Björk says that there is nothing final yet. And if you can't take Björk's word for it who can you?

    (Rumors were later confirmed, and she is going to star and write music for Dancer In The Dark)